Biblos Theological College and Christian Union Theological Seminary.
We place a lot of emphasis on Christian conduct. The proper conduct of a Christian is part of the education received; therefore, we believe:

  • May those who claim salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ live lives above reproach, and must refrain from questionable and worldly practices.
  • BTC students should not be guilty of blasphemy, adultery, or fornication. The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited (except in cases of medical prescription)
  • As Christians we must reject immodest dress, theft, homosexuality and all misconduct. All BTC students must testify to their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Therefore, they must live, act, speak and dress as believers in Christ; so that at no time do we bring reproach or shame to the name of Christ, and to the reputation of the BTC. Any student who is unable to maintain BTC standards will be dismissed.
  • The first and second semesters are composed of four (4) courses each, with a duration of five (5) consecutive weeks each course.
  • More than two consecutive absences may be cause for termination of your participation in that course. Class attendance represents 10% of the weight of your grade in each course. When a class is missed, make-up work must be done and turned in to the class teacher.

BIBLOS THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE – Student Manual – Revision 2022 – Page | 7

  • The assignment will be given by the teacher, and it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to coordinate the assignment.
  • The student who receives an incomplete must re-enroll for the following semester to take the class, otherwise he/she delivers or replenishes the material owed to the professor within the stipulated time. If the student does not re-enroll, the “I” (for incomplete) will result in a permanent “F”.
  • Exceptions and special considerations must be discussed and approved by the director of the BTC.
  • All credit transcripts will be issued by the Christian Union Theological Seminary and will have a charge of $15.00 (fifteen) dollars each.
  • The student will make their payments to the BTC through electronic transfers (ACH) from any banking institution or via Zelle. If you need assistance, you can contact the BTC office.

· If for some unavoidable circumstance the student makes payments by check, he/she will be responsible for all applicable charges or penalties, for each check returned for insufficient funds.